Become a Brick Partner

Launch, manage & scale your power bank-sharing business​. A great way of either becoming a master franchiser, or adding a passive income as a Network Partner.
We require all partners, regardless of partnership type, to create a company with a registered VAT/Tax ID number because of legal risks on all ends and to streamline the payment and invoicing process. Please note that the name of the company formed does not need to have ''Brick'' within the name.

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Why become a Brick partner?

Easy to launch

Production, technical integrations, branding, and almost everything else required to launch power bank sharing is provided by us. All you need to do is to get out there and start speaking to suitable places for your stations.ß

Stable cashflow

A Brick station will be generating revenue for years to come as soon as you’ve found the right placement for it. It’s cyclical, but stable, and you can expect to hit your ROI-target as long as you follow our joint success plan.

Global support

Brick is present in 30+ countries and growing by the minute – when you partner with us you get access to the know-how and support of all our global partners. Any question you might have, they’ve asked before.


What stations would you recommend?
It depends on the size and foot traffic of your venue! Our small 6-slot station is perfect for smaller venues. Its sleek and compact design is perfect for smaller bars, cafes, restaurants, and gyms.  Our medium 12-slot station is slightly larger than the small station and is perfect for front desks, larger restaurants or bars, and nightclubs. You can increase visibility by placing the station on an additional stand.  Our large 48-slot station is best suitable for venues with high foot traffic: universities, hospitals, arenas, and shopping malls. The LED screen can display any type of branded content, instructions, and videos.
Where should I place a powerbank station?
Again, it depends on your venue! But, our general formula for a successful placement is accessibility + visibility!
How does renting work?
The user can rent a powerbank by scanning the QR-code on the station by using the Brick app or webpage. A powerbank will be ejected with built-in cables for Android, iPhone, and Type-C. Once they’re done charging, they can return the powerbank at any Brick powerbank station. They can charge their phone on-the-go, no need to be confined to a power outlet!
Who’s responsible for customer support and maintenance?
We are! You don’t have to worry about anything. Users can contact us through the app or webpage regarding any issue related to their powerbank rental. If you notice any irregularity regarding your powerbank station, get in touch with Brick and we’ll sort the issue.
What happens after I order a station?
After placing your station order, Brick HQ will reach out to you to confirm your station order. We can launch anywhere within EU and North America, it depends on where our closest partner is!